You can use your dreams to dig into your emotional and spiritual shifts.

When you are asleep, your unconscious mind processes and heals, imagines and creates. Part of my NLP training included learning to analyse our own dreams….only YOU can do it as only YOU know everything that you have been exposed to.

How do you use your dreams?

1. You can set the intention to remember your dream. The quality will be affected by alcohol and other substances.

2. As soon as you wake up, go back into your dream and recall it/write it down, even if it’s only fragments. It may come back to you over the course of a few hours.

3. Think about what is going on in your life and what subject the dream relates to. It won’t always be obvious or logical. Feel it intuitively.

4. Journal around the dream and the subject you think it refers to and see what comes up. The more you do it, the easier it is.

I’m getting loads of juicy aha’s as I sleep….during deep transformation they will be vivid and perhaps really emotionally disturbing… Do you use your dreams?

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