My top 1-hour process for transformation – the wonderful weekly review

Set an appointment with yourself, preferably at a set time, each week. I like Sunday morning, but if you have kids or other responsibilities at weekends pick a day that suits you.

I review my life, set my action plan, get connected to my intentions and maybe shift them if they don’t feel aligned….

ALL the big personal development players do this and if you are running a business or on an income-producing mission then it’s vital to stay on course, despite all the interruptions and busyness of life.

We have had Chinese new year and the first new moon of 2017 this weekend and you can see from your newsfeed that the world is in transition.

The world is being woken up, the world is more interconnected than ever before so we are noticing, sharing and connecting in a new way.

Be part of the solution. Be YOU in your full and universe/god given glory. Show up and do your inspired work in the world to make your difference.

This Sunday, do a review.

Get into inspired action this week in all life areas, make the world a bit better. If we all did it 2017 would be the year that everything shifted for the good.

1. Health/energy/clarity – how are things now and what do you want?
2. Income – how much money came in and went out this week? What do you really want instead?
3. Business/mission – what is it and how is it going?
4. Love and family – how are your relationships and how can they be better?
5. Social and fun – what do you want to do for YOU for fun?
6. Creativity and performance/art/making – are you satisfying your creative urges/needs? What’s next for you?
7. Intimacy/sensuality/self-care/sex – what are you craving right now? How can you receive more?
8. Adventure/travel/expansion – what is calling you?

Spirit, joy, music, freedom…what else is ready to pop right now?

It’s time to set your intentions and take weekly action towards them.

Start with a regular weekly review – it’s the foundation

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Claire guides mavericks, creatives, actioneers and innovative entrepreneurs through the process of embracing all of who they are and building a life around it. Her clients truly know, and sing, the song in their soul. She walks her talk as The Seaside CEO, evolving her own life and business along with her self-knowledge. Claire has been on her path for 20 years – navigating her way through the transition from career to innovative entrepreneur, including training as a coach, in NLP and leadership, singing, performance, impro and comedy, speaking and internet marketing, plus spiritual and personal development, giving her a deeply unique viewpoint.

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