3 Steps to Being a Midlife Maverick with a Mission!
Fabulous, You are in!

This event will be on Thursday 30th June @ 8:00pm via Livestream on my Facebook page here: The Seaside Ceo – Click here for access

Please make sure you save the date and be live online.

I look forward to welcoming you then

In the meantime, please also join the community of Midlife Mavericks on Facebook for smlmidlfe-crisis-to-maverickmore inspiration and support. Click the link below to join:

Magnificent Midlife Mavericks Group

You are creative, curious, a free spirit, a change-maker who is not happy to go along with the crowd and accept the status quo, It’s TIME to step up and out and make your difference

Need something more?

I’m Claire Westwood, The Seaside CEO – Mentor for Midlife Mavericks and I am here to help YOU to tap into your unique *maverickyness.

If you are thinking of getting some intensive 1:1 mentoring/coaching/cheerleading/support/guidance on your journey then you can apply for a Mavericks’ Vibrant Vision call by completing this survey and I’ll be in touch.

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