I’ve often shared in my Facebook group (especially around the moon phases) about intentions and setting them for what you REALLY REALLY want.

It’s new moon and Chinese new year, so an amaaaazing time to set down what you REALLY want in your life and biz.

Stop playing small and ‘making do’
Stop staying hidden and not attracting the clients you want
Stop charging piddly amounts for your time and expertise
Stop living a life you don’t adore….
Start declaring your worth
Start loving your business with a passion
Start doing things you love, with people you love, in places you love EVERY FLIPPING DAY
Start honouring your time and your boundaries
Start loving yourself enough to invest at a high level in support and expertise
Start making the difference you really want to make
Start being creative, colourful, spiritual, beach-babe, dramatic, steampunk, hippy-chick, glam, vintage or all of em.
Break some rules, try new things, have some bloody fun.
Go on adventures, paddle in the sea in winter, listen to dancy music and shimmy…

If you are waiting for a sign – THIS IS A SIGN!!!!!

I’m doing my own REBIRTH this weekend…. then I am open to take my Creative Maverick clients on 2-day beach-side deep dive soul song adventure with me, while the rest of the time I hang out with cool, creative people doing amazing things and get on trains and explore.
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Time to let go of everything holding you back and DIVE in to life!

Claire guides mavericks, creatives, actioneers and innovative entrepreneurs through the process of embracing all of who they are and building a life around it. Her clients truly know, and sing, the song in their soul. She walks her talk as The Seaside CEO, evolving her own life and business along with her self-knowledge. Claire has been on her path for 20 years – navigating her way through the transition from career to innovative entrepreneur, including training as a coach, in NLP and leadership, singing, performance, impro and comedy, speaking and internet marketing, plus spiritual and personal development, giving her a deeply unique viewpoint.

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