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Dive In To Life is a 4-week programme to help you to fall in love with you and your life!

Life is a daring adventure…it’s not supposed to be ‘meh’!


If you feel like you are having a midlife crisis then this is the solution – make your midlife crisis the best thing to happen to you and be a MIDLIFE MAVERICK instead…..




Are you a Midlife Maverick?


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You’re an unorthodox or independent-minded person, an individualist, nonconformist, entrepreneurial or free spirit, unorthodox, unconventional person, ‘outside the box’ thinker, original, trendsetter, bohemian, eccentric, outsider, rebel, disruptor…

My group of maverick are –



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Action Takers with

Vibrant Visions, tons of

Energy and enthusiasm

Risk Takers

Ideas and innovation are natural

Conscious Creators of their lives

Knowledge and know-how guide their intuitive action



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Midlife ‘crisis’ or midlife awakening?

Midlife is the BEST time to start something new, to explore who you are and create a new life around your skills, passions, values, experience and wisdom. This is for you if you’ve been dabbling, paddling, ‘trying’ things and don’t feel like you are living life in alignment, to your values or doing anything that truly lifts your soul. Feeling more Mavericky than the ‘normal’ ‘work/retire/die’ model allows?




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It’s time to DIVE IN!


  • Are you feeling like you are living a groundhog life?
  • Did you love what you do once upon a time, but not now?
  • Are you being called to something greater, more creative and exciting?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you have outgrown your friends and/or job/business?
  • Maybe you have had a life-changing experience and realise that NOW is the time to take action, but you are not sure where to start
  • Are you lying awake wondering what your purpose is, or how life turned out like this?

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It’s a good thing to feel wobbly, unsettled and out of kilter/alignment These are all signs that you need to take action to change things. It’s time to evolve into the next version of the amazing YOU. Remember this is not ‘your life’ it’s just a snapshot of your life and if you want to change things then you can.

20 years ago I was a ward sister, heading for burnout, stuck in my job/career/life and wondering how to live the next 35 years until retirement when I was already ready to make a break…. Luckily I discovered a Life Coaching book and worked through it, eventually leaving my job, going travelling, studying Performing Arts and Life Coaching and starting a coaching business for nurses along the way. I have used these techniques for my coaching clients, as well as rebuilding my life 3 or 4 times following depression/addiction. I know they work.

I am The Seaside CEO and work with Midlife Mavericks who want to create a life of adventure, making their unique difference, including freedom, creativity, income, fun, colour, music, family, friends and more.

These aren’t just for ‘the edges’ of your life. They ARE your life, or they can be anyway!

The programme is a gently guided exploration of you, your life and then creating the future you actually want to live, based around the real YOU.




Dive Into Life

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Week 1 – Discovering You

Who are you under all your labels, beliefs, fears?
You will look at your past and start to see patterns, themes, and get aha’s along the way as you look at YOU from a new viewpoint.
You then create a Map of Me including your skills, passions, experiences, jobs, businesses, likes, dislikes, and begin to see your incredibleness, uniqueness and true value.
No-one else in the whole universe can do what you can do they way you do it. Think about that. You HAVE to do your thing your way, it’s why you are here.

Week 2 – Investigate

We Investigate all the information you have collected.
What parts do you want to keep, or leave behind?
How do you put it together, in a ‘Pick and Mix’ life to make a life you love? What do YOU need in life to feel in alignment and to live life to the full?
You’ll explore Ideas for living an aligned life, adding in the activities you used to love, and moving towards a life you feel joyful about, one step at a time.

Week 3 – Vibrant Vision.

In order to live a life you love, you need a Vibrant Vision – a Vision that excites you on a rainy Monday and gets you out of bed full of enthusiasm.
Vibrant – full of colour, energy, joy and excitement.
In week 3 you will put all the parts of you together and create the Vibrant Vision you REALLY want to live. The balance of work, life, income, fun, creativity, freedom, spirit, family and all the other aspects YOU need in an aligned life.
I will guide you through techniques to anchor your vision into your daily and weekly activities to stay on track and connected.
We will look at how you want to earn money – job v business, or expand the vision of what is possible around what you already do.

Week 4 – Expanding Energetically

This is action week – taking action every day to build alignment. I will lead you through building your life, a tribe, income, a community, improved health and more.
You will learn ways to get the momentum building, so that you can carry on at the end of the 4 week period with energy and clarity.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Your support will be in an online group, plus feedback and my tailored video input.

Over the 4 weeks you will get clarity, direction, re-ignite your passion for life, connect with other Midlife Mavericks, make relationships that fit the life you are creating, and see yourself as the uniquely valuable individual you are, and have fun doing it.[/text_block]

“I’m a huge proscrastinator! I have lots of ideas, but don’t implement them. So I need someone like Claire to give me that ‘push’ and motivate me… once I start to put my ideas into action then I actually receive far more than it takes to give.
Claire is fantastic at motivation…her bubbly personality rubs off, and she is energetic, able to grasp a very rough idea of a business and run with it. I immediately saw some results of my efforts, which were all positive.
I have returned to my full time career, I have a better position, doing less hours for the same money, so I now have the time & energy to start my business idea. I am less stressed, more awake and more positive……And I have long term goals…something I haven’t ever really done before!
Claire has a great grasp of the fears behind leaving a paid role and becoming self employed, because she has huge experience in this area! Empathetic, understanding, positive, and an all round lovely person.
My advice – if you need help sorting your life, Claire is your woman!”

Lucy Antony, Dive participant 2015

“(Claire’s input gave me) clarity around trying (or not trying) to make two things work with regards to self employment. I discovered a part of my old self.
I rephrased my language with the universe, employing the laws of attraction (which I had stopped using) and allowing myself to just ‘be’ instead of pushing life up a hill in an effort to gain I’ve done a beautiful vision board and I’m very clear on areas I’d like my life to look like, have a vision recording and love the feel of it.
Claire has such amazing enthusiasm and a true gift when it comes to thinking on the spot about different ways to see or handle a situation/problem/idea. She has empathy, inspires with her own life, and has a refreshing way to get her message across, which feels so genuine and honest.”

Paula Melville, Dive participant 2015

“(In the Discovery module) I uncovered some really important information around what really makes me tick. I discovered so much of the parts of me that I was putting to one side.
The biggest Aha was that I really missed thinking about interiors and spaces, that actually a lot of my spare time is thinking about interiors. So it allowed me to do a fairly large course correction.
I got a really clear idea of where I was holding myself back. I have noticed how that shift in my belief has created a new way for me to work. It’s actually pretty exciting !
(My Vibrant Vision) is working! Now I am really clear on what I want it has made it easier to plan a little more realistically.
I love Claire’s energy. She inspires me with her creative and fun approach. I also like that she won’t let me escape myself, so there is a no- nonsense side which I really respect. Claire really knows her stuff and I feel really safe to explore any block that comes up for me.”

Siri vas Kaur

Dive in to life, Midlife Maverick – the time is NOW!

Join The Course Today Only £497

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]A one-off investment in changing your life and getting on track towards your Vibrant Vision and away from the life that feels ‘off’ right now.


To book a call with me and check if this programme is right for you, complete this survey and I’ll be in touch. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/THVH7JW[/text_block]

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