It sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it?

“Changing the world……”

I was watching a movie at the weekend – Evan Almighty – and a line (from ‘God’) said “You change the world, one act of random kindness at a time” one ARK at a time (clever!).

However, this might seem too simple, too quick, too superficial.

Imagine the ripple effect of that, though. Or of you starting to be kinder to yourself, to show up in a bigger way, to make a deeper impact.

It’s easy to get information, to the point of overwhelm, about your life purpose, or your life direction, on life coaching articles and how to change the world, but what to actually DO?

Are you a Creative Maverick?
You have many interests and skills so the ‘pick one thing’ doesn’t seem to fit you. You are more of a multipotentialite, a scanner, a curious and variety-loving individual who flits from thing to thing and is good at LOTS of things….arrrgh!

You love people, and ideas, colour, music, design, fun, travel, making a difference, books, movies, food, flowers, islands, children, art, sculpture, photography, comedy, sewing, old toys, jewellery, healing, events, festivals…oh, the list goes on and on.

Clue – these are ALL you. You don’t have to choose, but you do need to focus, just a bit!

Start by writing all the things you like to do, or have ever done – for work, for pleasure, as a hobby or business. What did you love about them?

When do you feel in ‘flow’, a feeling of connectedness, challenge, time passing rapidly, and ‘out of body’ feeling? This could happen in a number of different circumstances, write them ALL down.

Then look for themes, maybe with a coach or friend who can be objective. Brainstorm ideas for putting them together in different ways.

There are infinite ways to create income in this technological world, so be open to ideas of what you could create that would fulfill YOU and make a difference to the world at large.

Books, workshops, retreats, information products, courses, healing, holidays, audio guides, webinars, plays, gigs, festivals, communities…..many many ways to monetise YOU.

Start with the guide Change The World in Bigger Way on my site and come to on Facebook for inspiration and guidance.

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