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The Seaside CEO

I believe that if we all did what we were amaaaazing at, making our unique and positive difference in the world, it would change immediately!

My mission in life, as The Seaside CEO (Creative Expansion Officer) is to help Creative Mavericks - contemporary goddesses and innovative entrepreneurs, inspiring writers and videographers, coaches and change agents, visionaries, spiritual actioneers and trailblazers to create a life around who they REALLY ARE.

Oh yeah, I work with the innovators, the creatives, the performers and speaker-outers, the feather-rufflers and the paradigm shifters.

I guide experienced and motivated change-makers and coaches, creative entrepreneurs and performers, speakers, authors and multi-skilled life adventurers to live THEIR unique life. 

Are you experienced and successful, yet feeling stuck, caught up in left-brain systems and your to-do list? 

Let’s have fewer to-dos and more ta-daaaaas!!

“Claire is fantastic at motivation…her bubbly personality rubs off, and she is energetic, able to grasp a very rough idea of a business and run with it.

I immediately saw some results of my efforts, which were all positive…….she has huge experience in this area! Empathetic, understanding, positive, and an all round lovely person.

My advice – if you need help sorting your life, Claire is your woman!”

Lucy Antony

Dive Participant., Aspiring photographer (she took my portraits in the sea for this site!)

Dive In To Life

Get ready to truly DIVE into your life!

The DIVE In To Life programme is designed specifically for creative, right-brained multi-skilled individuals to make sense of all you have done in life and ‘see’ yourself clearly. Then to put the ingredients that are YOU into your amazing ‘Pick and Mix’ life of fun, colour, adventure, income, freedom and joy.

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Maverick Marketing Magic

Your quick-start guide for rapid results!

A 5-section, one week quick start marketing programme for Creative Mavericks, coaches, healers and change-makers who are looking to get into rapid action to attracting your dream-to-work-with clients.

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For Contemporary Goddesses, Mindful Men with a Mission and Creative Mavericks ready to step up and make your unique difference in the world.

This page combines logic and magic, spirit and strategy, love and fun, adventure and stillness.

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Be More You - Inspirations

Are You Ready to Change The World as a Creative Maverick?

Are you a Creative Maverick?
You have many interests and skills so the ‘pick one thing’ doesn’t seem to fit you. You are more of a multipotentialite, a scanner, a curious and variety-loving individual who flits from thing to thing and is good at LOTS of things….arrrgh!

Intention Setting

I've often shared in my Facebook group (especially around the moon phases) about intentions and setting them for what you REALLY REALLY want. It's new moon and Chinese new year, so an amaaaazing time to set down what you REALLY want in your life and biz. Stop playing...

My top 1-hour process for transformation

My top 1-hour process for transformation – the wonderful weekly review Set an appointment with yourself, preferably at a set time, each week. I like Sunday morning, but if you have kids or other responsibilities at weekends pick a day that suits you. I review my life,...

Using your dreams in your life transformation

You can use your dreams to dig into your emotional and spiritual shifts. When you are asleep, your unconscious mind processes and heals, imagines and creates. Part of my NLP training included learning to analyse our own dreams....only YOU can do it as only YOU know...

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